Research Programs We Support

Integrative Health

  • a comprehensive approach to promoting, protecting, and understanding health
  • respects the complex interrelationships that influence the health of individuals and populations
  • acknowledges that these factors are shaped by public policies, economic conditions, social and cultural values, and physical environments

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

  • examining large, diverse populations, CER studies compare multiple therapeutic options to identify which work, for whom, and under what circumstances.
  • CER studies produce scientific evidence that applies to the real world, enabling patients and health professionals to make more informed decisions.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

  • we are collecting and storing vast amounts of healthcare data.
  • the promise of ‘big data’ in healthcare has been limited by the challenge created by balancing the competing initiatives of privacy, transparency and ownership.
  • precision medicine applies machine learning techniques to develop algorithm defined artificial intelligence programs