Mark Lamos, MD, has been practicing internal medicine for more than 30 years and joined GBMC in 1989. As the current President of GBMC’s primary care company GBMA, he has been part of several teams that have ushered in the era of the patient centered medical home model of care. He is also the medical director of Greater Baltimore Health Alliance (GBHA), GBMC Healthcare’s accountable care organization. Dr. Lamos has participated in initiatives that have not only brought primary care practices together under a single umbrella, but is proud to have worked with many talented people dedicated to improving quality of care, bringing forth GBMC’s ability to “stand proud in the marketplace and do the right things for our patients.”

The philosophy of doing the right thing by people has followed Dr. Lamos throughout his career in medicine. He was inspired to enter the field of medicine at a young age by his uncle who was not only his family’s physician but a beloved and respected physician for an entire community. “My uncle had an incredible impact on so many people. I knew I wanted to be just like him.” When Dr. Lamos thinks of others who have helped shape who he is as a physician and a person, he credits his wife, Chris, and also a priest, Father Paulinus Forsthoefel S.J. “He taught me the importance of always doing the right thing and to enjoy all of humanity.”

For Dr. Lamos, being a physician at GBMC has been a great joy as he has always taken pride in caring for his patients. “Caring for people – that’s why we all went into medicine,” he says. “That’s the part that makes us doctors special.”